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This week’s update

Posted in Fitting out and maintenance on April 24, 2009 by maidofmettle

Maid of Mettle hit me on the head at least four times today, possibly because we were trying to fix plastic blocks all over it for putting wood panels on eventually.


Blocks fitted onto weld studs

Otherwise this week we have been measuring up, making, and fitting bits of flooring as well as painting the bits around the weld studs – all this takes longer than you might imagine!


Flooring at bow

Pete working on flooring in cabin

Pete working on flooring in cabin

Pete’s mum was down to help with the leecloths and was a star by cooking for us!  Thank you.


Making leecloths

Weld studding

Posted in Fitting out and maintenance on April 20, 2009 by maidofmettle

Last week we mainly ground some areas off and attached weld studs onto the sides for putting on spacer blocks ready for the wooden lining to the boat

inside.  It was messy work and very dusty.


We have also been making the blocks to go on these weld studs and I finally finished the tank lid! – see above


Me with the weld stud gun.




lots of nice weld studs.

Chris and Pete also finished part of the galley last week and are now working on how to hook up the cooker.

Trying out the tender

Posted in Fun on April 13, 2009 by maidofmettle

A few weekends ago, when the weather was amazingly warm, we tried out the Portabote off the beach.  It’s supposed to be ‘portable’ and does fold up relatively small but is so heavy it needed 2 people and a set of wheels to drag it down to the water!


Pete rowing the bathtub




How to get out without getting wet feet!

Posted in Fitting out and maintenance on April 3, 2009 by maidofmettle

Well I survived the best part of a week and have been doing lots of getting to know powertools including the circular saw, chop saw, sander and angle grinder.

Made a  bit of a small cupboard for the chart table and a couple of covers for the water tanks this week, whilst the boys made a worktop or two and various bits for the galley as well as some bits for supporting the floor.

Things are surprisingly slow to get right but it’s probably worth taking the time overall.