A week of transformation

This week an amazing transformation occured in the back yard…

The boat changed colour from dark blue…


to baby blue!

Baby Blue!

Baby Blue!

Also the mean marquee people came and took the marquee away to put it up again at Goodwood…a day late!

Other transformations included the clearance of the ‘greenhouse’ from a jungle…

Greenhouse Jungle

Greenhouse Jungle

to a work/painting area,

our swanky new work area

our swanky new work area

Having first put 2 large tarpaulins on the leaking roof.  This proved to be good as it has rained on and off quite a bit since.

Trev came down to help on Tuesday. He soon found himself at home climbing up ladders helping with making things waterproof in the morning.  Thanks for all the painting and sanding…I know how much you enjoyed the sanding particularly!

Trev in his native habitat

Trev in his native habitat

Chris made and fitted the windows with Pete whilst I continued with more painting



Painting in the greenhouse

Painting in the greenhouse

And finally, Chris and Pete started cutting excess foam to begin the process of putting the interior back in.

Phew….a busy week.

2 Responses to “A week of transformation”

  1. Hello Sister!!

    Boat is coming on, Clare has decided she wants to tour round the Isle of Widget so if you want to conduct any sea trials feel free to take Clare with you! I’ll stay on dry land and observe from a safe distance, I’m not very good with boats.


    • maidofmettle Says:

      Sounds good to us. Not quite sure when that will happen but will keep you posted and then persuade you to come too!

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