When I signed up for this trip I was promised a lovely holiday with sunny beaches, warm seas and lazy days under a parasol.  All this came true this week….

Well sort of…


An umberella was put up to keep the sun off whilst working and the warm seas were replaced by the ‘not quite warm’ sea at the end of the road.

There were more transformations this week.  This time the insides of the boat began to take shape thanks to lots more foam cutting

interior insulation foam

interior insulation foam


Bits of interior on various paint coats

Bits of interior on various paint coats

and varnishing of side panels so that things could be put back in place…hurrah!

Pete installing ceiling panels

Pete installing ceiling panels

varnished side panels in situ

varnished side panels and bookshelves in situ

Also the baulk-heads were glued back into position.

sealing baulk-heads

sealing baulk-heads

Things are really beginning to take shape again and it’s nice to have a glimpse of what the inside will look like once it’s finished.

I had a bit of a lesson in sailing last weekend so am one step closer to learning some important skills.  The boat stayed upright and we made it to a pub for a drink which was good.  I hope to be taking a sea survival course pretty soon.


As an aside, I am watching Bear Grylls on TV and have just seen that the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean has native Bird Eating Tarantulas!  They are huge and he is about to eat one for breakfast,  something I don’t plan to be doing myself if we end up there.  They also have poisonous snakes, scorpions and plants that give you blisters.  Maybe we ought to avoid the jungle!   On the other hand I have just found out that they do have watervines that are useful if you get stranded anywhere so it’s not all bad…

We have been looking into entertainment on-board.   Pete has been finding some board-games whilst the big “Bop-it extreme” game search continues.

Research is continuing into music on the boat and we have a mini guitar and box drum we made as a start so far.

The cajon box drum in progress

The cajon box drum in progress

The Cajon was made from scrap wood and a small snare drum wire.  We discovered out how to make it from someone else’s blog and found hot-melt glue to be very useful for fixing it together quickly.  After a coat of wood stain and some varnish it is pretty much there give or take a few extra bits of decoration yet to be decided.

cajon with wood-stain and varnish

cajon with wood-stain and varnish

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