In Calais

We had amazing weather (albeit with little wind) on the way to Dover where we spent two days. It was really nice to have a bit of a rest and explore a bit of coastline I’ve never seen before.

chris and caroline

Chris and Caroline on approach to Dover

It was a bit weird leaving the country at last having sort of officially left nearly a week before, but here we are in Calais. The weather for the channel crossing was far better than expected seeing as the forecast had predicted very little wind, and we managed to sail most of the way.

The crossing was a little bit eventful. First off the running back-stay (bit of wire that helps support the mast at times) was pulled out a bit when the main sail went up so Pete had to be hoisted up in the bosuns chair to sort it out. Unfortunately we lost an hour or so travelling in the wrong direction back towards England during this to avoid the shipping lanes.

pete up mast

Pete up the mast

Then one of the poles that held the jib (front sail) out made a worrying sound and then bent like a banana. Luckily the Hibbert tendancy to bring more things than you would expect to be necessary proved useful on this occasion as there was a replacement ready and waiting to be used!

chris helming

Chris helming

The cooker proved to be truculent so lunch was a little later than planned but the spag bol tasted really good a few miles outside of Calais (thanks Mike and Lisa for our dinner!)

There are lots of ships coming in and out of Calais so a little boat like ours isn’t exactly considered important in the grand scheme. We were supposed to avoid polluting the airwaves with unimportant chatter on the VHF so waited patiently for the traffic light system to let us in. The traffic lights seem only to work for the big ferries so we waited and waited and then finally decided it was best to follow one of the bigger boats in or we would be waiting all night. Once through the first set of lights we waited and waited and waited for the next set to allow us entry into the inner harbour…the lights only went red or a combination of green and white neither of which were very useful for us. Again, not wanting to wait for the next 24hrs for nothing to happen, we decided to go for it when it was showing “pass if you have permission”. So far no one has told us that we didn’t have implied permission so i think we’re ok and anyway we are politely flying the french flag so that should pacify them…

caroline putting up flag

Caroline flying the French courtesy flag

Hoping to spend today exploring the older part of Calais.

5 Responses to “In Calais”

  1. Great! Well done to all – and great blogspot – keep it up Caroline!

  2. hi chris,caroline and pete. miss you all loads. bathroom/kitchen gone to pot. come back…..all is forgiven… really…………………..Joking apart though your absence is very noticed …echoes and lack of nourishing homely food aromas. Distinct lack of ropes,sail ,shoes and boating paraphernalia .mum ,dad,et al. all send prayer and love to maid of mettle and all of you smiley shipmates. Bon nuit et bon appetitexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxcarol/mum….

  3. eve and brian Says:

    Well done the team. Only just caught up with your blog as Eve and i have been down to Milford on sea for a little break.Thanks for the text, baby doing well. Looks like you will be having a little break as well in Reims eh. Have a safe onward journey. Look forward to the next news

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