Really? The Mountain? Looks like England to me

Reims is pretty nice, which is a good job seeing as we’re looking like being here for a good few days longer yet.  Seems we may have got it wrong about a barge crashing into lock 10 a little way ahead and instead the VNF just seem to have started the planned work on it a week later than they’d intended.  Personally i prefer the story about the barge but not if it means we’re delayed even longer than the 8th!

We recently went on a little tour around the town.  What follows is the best I can do as a virtual one for you.

You might be mistaken for thinking that we’re in London with this picture (below).  I thought I’d walked into Reims and stumbled across Picadilly Circus when I saw this…maybe I miss London or something.  I doubt it, though there is something nice about familiarity.


Further on we found this lovely dandelion fountain…

I’m sure I’ve seen one of these somewhere before but can’t quite remember where…somebody, anyone, tell me where it was….


Where have I seen one of these before?

Soon after we came across quite a posh on the inside restaurant/cafe where we sophisticatedly drank hot chocolate instead of tea (it wasn’t that English, the French seem to prefer fruit teas)


Pete and his extra gloopy hot chocolate

I was getting a bit suspicious so we took the train out of Reims to a place called Rilly La Montagne (or “Really? The Mountain” as it is otherwise known) about 15 minutes via high-speed train for a bit of a walk.  The French trains have quite a catchy little jingle that puts our English one to shame whenever a train arrives at a platform.

Lo and behold what should we find on arriving at Rilly la Montagne and walking ten minutes…Suddenly I was taking a walk in Bramshill forest!


Yay! Bramshill forest...but where's Marley gone?

Ok I admit the similarities ended there when we saw the miles and miles of Champagne grapes in rows on the hillsides.


Mmmm grapes


more grapes

French maps proved interesting.  We had a map to use but unlike a trusty Ordnance Survey map there was a lot less detail available for us because of the scale.  Despite this we managed to work a short circular route even if it wasn’t quite what we had intended.  The walk was mostly in the forest and quite possibly near to the setting for a famous fairy-tale house.  We really did find a trail of bread on the way…luckily the houses en-route were made of actual stone and not gingerbread…


Anyone seen a gingerbread house?

The forest was so nice that Chris and I decided to go back there for a day or so.  This time we travelled a bit further along on the train and armed with a tent and some food, walked our way from Avernay to Rilly.  The forest is more spooky at night and I think we both jumped quite a bit due to various animals wandering about (we hope) not to mention the barking dogs, owls and disconcerting acorns which fell throughout the night.  At least that’s what we hope they were…


Did you just hear that?!

7 Responses to “Really? The Mountain? Looks like England to me”

  1. That horrible dog, can’t take him anywhere…

    Sounds like a nice place to get stuck in.

  2. carol hibbert Says:

    Hi and bonjour Chris,carroline and Pete. Great blog ,brilliant photos too.. Dont be shy about posting a few more photos of your selves please .. your cheerfull smile is missed {note for caroline}. Prayer going up and out for lots of sunhine and warm weather in your neck of the forest and lock. My mum Dad and every one here at 55 Avalon Rd. send hugs and all their love…..xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx loads of happiness and love Carolxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • maidofmettle Says:

      Thanks. Nice to hear you’re enjoying reading it. It’s a bit brighter today. We thought it was going to rain all day but it’s sunny 🙂

  3. Your loveable cousin tasha Says:

    Hi everyone, ive really enjoyed reading your blog so far, but i agree with carol that there should be a few more pictures of you guys.

    Hope your all well and having lots of fun
    lots of love tasha
    ps. keep an eye out for pirates chris =) xx

  4. Glad to hear your making good progress, hope you’re not waiting on the canal monkeys for too long although it looks like you’ve been stranded in a good place! Enjoy the sunshine, I’m most jealous – Cumbria’s not currently as wet as it could be but the sun shine doesn’t seem to do weekends!

  5. susi hall Says:

    Bonjour my petit nephew and fellow sailors-oops not pc sorry other sailors .Enough locks -and france does look very suburban doesnt it ,More falling in water .
    Love Susi

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