The damage and recovery

We are now in Port St Louis du Rhone fixing some of the “little scratches” we picked up in Cruas and doing a few other things before we can head out into the sea for real.  Had the boat not been made of steel I think there’s a chance we could have sunk.


There were lots of grazes like these all along the bottom of the keel on both sides.  Luckily the damage really only went as far as the paint with the exception of the odd dent but nothing too drastic.

However, as metal has a habit of going a bit rusty we have had to grind the areas around the scratches to bare metal and then re-apply an awful lot of paint over the last week and a bit.   This has been no mean feat given the strong (not to mention cold) Mistral wind that blew up a day after we arrived and doesn’t seem to have given us all that much respite.  The temperature inside the boat hit a new low of 3 degrees yesterday morning whilst outside was (colder than England) below zero…Getting up and out in the morning has been difficult.

For the  the last  days we have been working hard.  Chris fitted the windvane, which will act as another crew member (I’m told and am looking forward to getting it to do the steering) and I did lots of painting, whilst Pete continued the battle against mold that was started some time ago. We need to move somewhere warmer so that we can win the eternal battle.

The windvane

nearly the final coat!

Although the Mistral seems to have come back yet again today,  yesterday it stopped so the nice people at Navy Service were able to plonk the boat back in the water and put the mast up 🙂

The mast back where it should be

This means we should be able to get out into the sea, just as soon as the wind starts behaving a bit better, and head towards Marseille.  The prospect of sailing in force 6-7 or more with the wind chill is not making any of us feel very enthusiastic to be honest so I hope the locals are correct in telling us that it is unusually cold here at the moment and that we can get going soon enough.

I’d better get back now to help set up all the sails and boom and bits and pieces before we try to leave.  It’s very windy now but looks set to get better in the next day so we may only have to suffer the boat rocking about in the wind and howling noises for another evening here with any luck.

5 Responses to “The damage and recovery”

  1. lol hope all is well you mum was explaining your misfortune ow well ur all good so that cool hope your having an amazing time you blog looks unreal never expected it to be so full of info. bet you cant wait to get out to sea now my dad sed you should be fine from hurricanes now as season has finished but restarts about june time make shore your not still in the middle of the atlantic hope pete and caroline are doing ok spk soon much love baz xxx

  2. Rossina and Ian Says:

    Hi Chris, Caroline and Pete,

    What an adventure so far. Hopefully it will be plain sailing once you are on the open sea. (Excuse the pun)

    We are driving to North Wales on Sunday where we have rented a house in Snowdonia for Christmas. Hence the early good wishes to you all for Christmas. Have a wonderful day. We shall raise our glasses to you.

    Love from

    Rossina and Ian xxxx

  3. maidofmettle Says:

    thanks for the comment Baz. Feels really windy where we are right now! Hope you’re doing well with the landscaping etc.

  4. Gina & Paul Says:

    Hi Chris, Caroline & Pete.

    Happy Christmas to you all.

    I do hope you are able to enjoy a few luxuries on the 25th Dec. Your trip sounds excellent so far. I am sure you are all looking forward to getting to a warmer climate. We will all be very green with envy when you do as it is so cold here!!!!

    I am certainly thinking of you all and I will enjoy a couple of Baileys for you over the next few days.

    Lots of Love Gina & Paul XXX

  5. eve and brian Says:

    You lucky people living it up down there on the Med. We are freezing up here, a bit of snow so everywhere gridlocked. We hope you all had a lovely Christmas and send you our very best wishes for the New Year and the adventures ahead. Love Brian and Eve xx

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