Hello the Med – First sail

We left for the sea after putting up the sails and sorting out stowing everything.  It seems like there is even more stuff to find room for than we left England with though this cannot be true because we haven’t bought all that much and the wind vane boxes have now been thrown away.

Anyway, whilst getting all this ready it snowed at Port St Louis!


The snow cleared up pretty quickly leaving blue skies and a nice looking weather window to sail towards Port de Bouc (near Martigues) for a couple of hours.  The “where are we now” map has been updated according to the season and the fact that bizarrely the arrow mysteriously went missing when we were taken out of the water.  It’s almost as if it knew…

We are here...note the christmas decorations and new arrow!

The sail was quite windy and there were a lot of ships about in the Gulf du Fos making it a bit tricky to navigate.  Added to this was the fact we were working only from the maps in the pilot book…not ideal but did the trick at avoiding anything nasty.

sailing again

We are now holed up in Port de Bouc because it is frighteningly windy with forecasts for today of force 8 with nasty gusts.  The wind is currently howling through everything but looks set to calm down a bit tommorow when we might move somewhere else.   In the meantime we can do some of the more mundane things like washing and drying clothes (trying to make sure they don’t blow away) and I am considering writing a new exercise programme based on Tilley lamps as we have had to use it a lot to keep warm.  Keeping the pressure high enough to make it burn all day is quite tiring.

One Response to “Hello the Med – First sail”

  1. chris & tina Says:

    hi hope that you are all well and having fun, i really sympathyse with the sea sickness its not nice, really enjoying reading the blog let us know if there is anything you need if there is a place that you will be and can send to you , chris i dont think bannoffie pie will travel well so will wait for your return.
    take care

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