While the girl’s away the boys….

Iced Cakes!

Chris finally managed to find a shop in Port de Bouc (Netto) that had some icing sugar (Sucre Glace) to do his nan’s Christmas cake the full justice it deserved, although he wasn’t sure his icing was quite up to her standards, but it did taste goooood.

This is seeming quite a food obsessed post, but it was christmas. Here’s our Horsey Christmas Pie

Pete’s Egg Nog

Earlier on in the day we’d been for a walk along the coast to Fos-sur-Mer, notable for a somewhat precarious church, a nice beach and a very large neighbouring industrial complex. A bit like Port de Bouc except for the first two things then.

Looking north towards Fos

The church in Fos-sur-Mer

Looking south towards Port de Bouc

So we thought we’d better also eat some of Chris’ gigantic, 2 inch thick millionaire’s shortbread

We’ve both played Pete’s football game and watched “Pete’s team” Arsenal play Aston Villa at the nearby Cafe, which we also managed to finally get some food in …. mmmmmm… Merguez Frites…. a nice French spicy sausage in a baguette with chips….

It is quite a strange Cafe, very local, but friendly, they have a no dogs sign on the door, but there’s always a dog or three in there, and sometime one on the table by the TV! When we went to eat there with Fabien (Pete’s friend, who also brought some very tasty French delicacies) the other day they even had kittens outside.

We’ve also got a fair few duller things done, including making and fitting more shelving, cleaning and restowing some parts of the inside, and finally figuring out where lots of things should live, ranging from the big torch up to the liferaft! However, the only thing that makes a vaguely interesting photograph is that Chris has been working on the solar panel mounts and finally fitted them today!

One Response to “While the girl’s away the boys….”


    Here’s to a great new decade guys. Nice to see you two guys chilling out and eating, and eating… and eating… and eating.

    Hope Caroline is having a good break at home. Look forwards to the next installment!

    Loads of love

    Neil & Julie

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