Port de Bouc…we love you…

We’re hoping to move off again just as soon as the weather looks in our favour to go anywhere.  The forecast has been either extremely windy, rainy or a combination of the two so we are holding out for a good window to leave Port de Bouc.

getting homely. Some nice welcome back flowers 🙂

We have managed to have some fun though.  Pete has a vast collection of board games including one that involves an awful lot of camels.

Pete glueing camels

There are still a few bits to do before we go but we found the floor again yesterday so that was good.  I was beginning to wonder where it was to be honest.  Not having the best weather forecast has been quite useful as it has meant we have had lots of time to do some important jobs such as fixing things down into their final places,  making sure they cannot leap anywhere unhelpful at sea.  I also had my first trip up the mast today in the bosun’s chair which was interesting…the mast was freezing cold but the view from the top was good.

'scuse me, but there's a girl up the mast

To carry on with the food theme of the last post Chris and I tried out a Morroccan restaurant here and were very impressed.  We weren’t 100% sure what we were ordering but we managed to avoid the dreaded meat on the bone that had put some of us off trying Morroccan in the past.  Instead we had the fluffiest couscous known to man, and a lovely mix of meat and vegetable dishes with an optional (and tasty in small doses) blow your head off firey chillie sauce that thankfully came in a separate pot.

There are advantages to being in Port de Bouc, showers, nice food and close proximity to the shops but I think it’s about time to see somewhere else now…


That sort of depends on the wind.

Chris has found a website that we can send our tracking position to so people can find out roughly where we are.

*We will update this occasionally but DO NOT intend to update it at any specific time so we don’t have people worrying about us…*

Anyone who is interested in following this please email us (or leave us a message on the blog) so we can give you the details.

3 Responses to “Port de Bouc…we love you…”

  1. Onri sneaks into the picture! :o)

  2. eve and brian Says:

    Wishing you all a belated Happy New Year. Seem to be spending a lot of time snow shovelling and sliding about on slush and ice at the moment. Snow is finally starting to melt but could be some more on the way…joy of joys! best wishes and safe sailing

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