The rain in Spain falls mainly on…Marbella

We are glad to have spent some time in Velez but it was definately time to leave for somewhere new. Not even the tat shops were enough to keep us there…

We left Velez about 7pm on Monday evening aiming to get as far along the coast as possible in some Easterly wind before it was set to turn against us again. It started out quite nicely, no wind and a very flat sea before the wind built up a bit around 11pm. I succeeded with my first night watch alone (mostly awake) whilst the other two slept. Luckily, there wasn’t too much to do other than finally switching off the engine so I spent most of the time keeping a watch out for other boats and doing ocassional plots on the map (chart if we’re being nautically picky), whilst looking forward to going to bed at half past midnight. The other two were slightly less fortunate, having to be disturbed after my shift so we could all decide where we were aiming for given weather conditions. It was bliss to have just under 6 hours of sleep instead of 3.

The reality of the wind didn’t seem to match the forecast all that well and the sea had built up quite a bit from the East so we ended up using the motor for much of the journey. The swell wasn’t all that kind to us and unfortunately Pete joined in with sea-sickness fun, having missed out on previous trips. However, he did appear to make a miraculous recovery afterwards and declined any seasickness drugs*. We are now in Marbella and it’s raining. The good news is that we are only 34 nautical miles away from Gibraltar…we can almost smell the fish and chips…and monkeys…

In other news

Whilst in Velez we found ourselves investigating uses for velcro around the boat. So far we have an exciting holders for the ipod, a pencil, suncream and notepad. The possibilities are endless, as it seems is our enthusiasm for velcro.

Our lifejackets have all been checked by pumping them up…it was a good job as one of the lights appeared to have been left on the wrong setting so probably wouldn’t have gone off automatically. It was a good excuse for a silly picture anyway…

Chris found a supplier of Robersons lemon curd…I’d lost hope that we’d find any of that outside England 🙂

*We should be sponsored by Biodramina…other drugs are available.

3 Responses to “The rain in Spain falls mainly on…Marbella”

  1. Marbella looks seriously posh on the GoogleEarth pics. Hope the sun shines on you while you are there
    Hilary aka Mum

  2. BAE Office Says:

    Hi all! Are you sure about your navigation? We may have missed something but hecking your “where is…” site seems to show you up a mountain in Algeria! High tides or tsunami perhaps.

    • maidofmettle Says:

      Yes…there have been a few problems with the tracking site! We should be back in the right place now

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