Monkeying around – Exploring Gibraltar

We have had a couple of interesting days in Gibraltar now.  The weather has cleared up a bit on and off and we have had some chance to explore the place a bit more.  So far we have been impressed.

To start with it’s a bit like stepping into an English town with its M and S, BHS and so on -I’m still looking for Millets!  There are people speaking English everywhere, bobbies on the beat and red post boxes and everything but then you have lots of palm trees dotted about, loads of duty free shops and of course a whopping great rock.  It’s quite a strange mix of meditteranean meets Margate but with customs officials and a border control.  I quite like it.

Yesterday we walked up the rock along the mediterranean steps.  A fabulous walk that led to the upper rock and the monkeys of course.

Mediterranean Steps path

We had a good view of Africa and the monkeys (officially Apes) were well worth the trek.  Chris nearly took one home when a young one tried to grab the webbing on his bag.  I think they have been given a bad name for being nasty though having said that we didn’t take any food up with us and were careful not to look too interesting.

"Me Ape, this is my rock"

I hope that the tourists don’t do too much damage to them by feeding them and getting too close but you can see why you would want to.  They are adorable, especially the young ones.

would I steal from you?...

"No, but I might climb on your car"

We had no trouble, in fact they seemed generally calm apart from the odd scrap between themselves and the odd funny look from an older one we walked by!

Two monkeys!

In the evening we had a very kind invitation for dinner. Thanks to Jackie and Jim for their kind hospitality and lovely food.

The wind got quite strong as we were walking home so our early morning (until about 3.30am) was spent battling the wind and nasty swell that looked set to make us feel ill until it calmed down, not to mention making it look pretty scary to get back over the gang plank onto the boat.  We were lucky…another boat was struggling to sort its moorings out in the early hours.  Pete got stuck in helping despite the conditions, all of us having just arrived back to see the entire marina bouncing around like a bunch of toy boats…

After resting a bit in the marina office we finally got to bed at 3.30 am and awoke to sunshine!

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