leaving…or maybe not

Hard to believe that we’ve been in Gibraltar for over a month now!  It seems that the Meditteranean does not want us to leave.  As you will soon gather, the idea of leaving on Tuesday didn’t work.  We realised pretty early on in the morning that it was going to be far far far too windy to go anywhere and actually have a nice time if we’d left then so we didn’t.  Lucky too as it turns out.  Apparently, a sailing school boat went out that day and were knocked down by the wind sending an indetermined number of people overboard.  I only have this as secondhand knowledge so hard to know how much the Chinese whispers had changed the story but there were supposed to have been gusts up to 60 knots out in the bay that day.  I’m very glad we didn’t go anywhere.

Anyway, it’d be good to go to Portugal or at least get out of the Straits.  Any ideas of getting straight to Madeira at the moment seem a bit unlikely until the weather settles.  It’s pretty frustrating that the wind either seems to be too strong or not there at all.  Also we are losing sleep because the wind has been howling for the last 2 days and gets louder just when you want to get to sleep.  The thwak thwak of the ropes on the mast is pretty loud and irritating though Chris claims to be getting used to it.

A harder thing to deal with is getting psyched up mentally to leave in addition to getting ready with water, food etc and then not leaving…It seems more difficult the longer you stay somewhere too.  Places become familiar and the idea of leaving them for somewhere new, less appealing.

5 Responses to “leaving…or maybe not”

  1. I absolutely agree with what you’re saying. It is very easy to get stuck in a place, once you’re there for longer than a few days. I had to push myself hard to leave Almerimar (not to mention Ibiza). And when I was sailing again, I asked myself why on earth I’m doing it.

    But don’t despair: After three days at sea and one at anchor in the sun all doubts are gone again. Sailing rulz! 🙂

    See you in Gib (tomorrow I hope), I’m just around the corner!

  2. Hope the weather behaves itself soon so you can leave. Suspect you’ve already found a solution but we’ve found the thwacking of ropes against the mast can be eased (I won’t say stopped) by using some cord or bungy to pull them out towards the shrouds.

  3. eve and brian Says:

    we think you should definitely wait until the winds are right. better to err on the side of caution. Gusts of 60 knots do not sound good.

  4. If you are in any doubt: The weather is nice in Gran Canaria. We had a nice week-end on the south coast and are starting to get some tan. It will be some weeks before we actually cross the ocean, but we are starting to get mentally prepared, I think.. Hope you get a good weather window soon!

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