The River Guadiana

We left Mazagon, having spent a few days there resting and fixing a few things. Unfortunately we lost our mobile phone in Mazagon too so don’t be alarmed if you try to text/call us on the World Sim number and we don’t get back to you. Despite searches along the beach and a walk to the police station we had no luck finding it. You never know, it might be somewhere in the boat….things have a habit of disappearing amongst all our stuff!

Anyway, we hope to be able to get a new sim card and keep the same number as soon as possible but in the meantime our other phones are available.

bbq in mazagon

After a brief sail the wind died and we motored to Ayamonte just up the river Guadiana on the border of Spain and Portugal. After a brief stay there we sailed up the river yesterday which was lovely. There was wind but no waves…if you ask me that’s how sailing should always be. We had to be careful, leaving at low tide and keeping an eye on the depth all the time as the channel is quite shallow in places.

going up river

People had said how nice it was here and we were all surprised to find out how right they were. You don’t need to go very far up the river from Ayamonte to see why people spend a lot of time here. There has been a lot of rain in the last week apparently so the water is a bit of an odd brown colour but it is probably the nicest river I’ve been to despite this. Also, at last the sun has caught up with us so that makes us feel much better.

We are now anchored in a remote location. There is only one house to be seen from here and the sound of birds and cicadas to hear. Very peaceful.

Amoreira anchorage

Chris and his big jib

Caroline and her mandolin

4 Responses to “The River Guadiana”

  1. BAE Office Says:

    You’re certainly getting famous now. Search for ‘Maid of Mettle’ on Google and this site comes up first! Spotted pictures of you on Axel’s site too. Anyway, enjoy Portugal and some long overdue sunshine.

  2. thats the phone known s boat phone 07925 etc., is it?
    Amoreira looks very peaceful, and the weather gorgeous – hope the shore is nearer than it looks for getting ashore

    • Yes, that’s the phone, hoping to keep the same number when we sort a replacement out.

      It’s generally not as far to the bank as it must have looked, generally only a couple of hundred yards or less so fine even with the current. Weather is still wonderful 🙂

  3. carol aka mum Says:

    Good morning everyone and bugaboo and tiny babybell mouse. We could send you all some spare English mice for luncheon or supper if you lke;we seem to have a dexterous family of at least three, who return home after being released from friendly traps. It would seem they love our open door policy at the Hibbert House of Love and Chaos……..i am tempted to indelibly mark said tails, to verify re-entry.Visa applications are being discussed with a view to border controls from neighbouring gardens.Any how the little mammels seem determined to stay. All at 55 are doing well as are the 17 Warner Rd possy.Thanks for the regular updates and picturesThe Atlantic must be heating up soon;do not forget MAN OVER BOARD practise. We miss you all very much so to have PHOTOS and COMMENTARY is very welcome and lifts our spirits back here in Blighty.That said it is an amazing and exciting adventure you are all on.So drop anchor and have a great journey Much love and hugs Mum God bless all of you XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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