Video Diary – Faro to Porto Santo

Chris has been working on our video diary from the big trip across from Faro to Porto Santo.  What follows is footage of the first three days of the trip.  The rest will follow soon.  Enjoy…..

One Response to “Video Diary – Faro to Porto Santo”

  1. carol aka mum Says:

    hi sickmates. oops i mean shipmates. Brilliant video footage .Most excellent stuff. Wonderfull to hear your voices and get a handle on the real …a day in the life at sea of issing you all…. On a practical, land based issueFordfiesta needed tax and exhaust last month .This month brakes sounded odd ,smell of heat. Quick fit have Quoted £560.00 plus bushes need replacing …running total o will be close to £1000.00? Do you really want to spend another £680.00 on the old faithfull. Dangerous to use clearly at moment ;pads,discs ,calipers and bearings to sort plus fluid………please phone or blog reply ….xxxxxxxxx loe mum aka Carol, MAT AND JON.

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