Fuerteventura Road Trips

Road Trip…

We have been enjoying our time on Fuerteventura before Chris and I fly back in about a week. We have the freedom of a car so have been making the most of fast and fabulous transport…well as fast as a ford ka can go anyway.

Amongst the places we have visited are Betancuria and the surrounding area. We were surprised to see some chipmunks…yes, actual chipmunks at one of the viewing points in the mountains.

Is that Alvin, Simon or Theodore?

The bodyboards had another trip out, this time to La Pared. A lovely meal followed this trip out where Pete had a giant fish for dinner. It was a local canarian Fula Rojo. In hindsight, we hadn’t really needed the starters. We were stuffed by the end of the meal.

La Pared

Pete and his giant fish

As has become traditional, we celebrated the official boat Christmas Day with a pie and some Christmas cake – not to mention various other nice food as a practice for December 25th.

Christmas Tree

This isn’t just a Christmas cake…this is a farm assured, brandy soaked
Maid of Mettle Christmas Cake


Even though no-one could claim that it is an essential need, one of the challenges of boat life is finding internet access. We use the internet quite regularly and when it is not available at the marina or at an anchorage we need to take the laptop for a walk. Puerto del Rosario was an example of one of those places we have walked (and driven) around for quite a while looking for wifi signal. Unfortunately the laptop’s battery only lasts about forty minutes so it can be a race against time to find the internet and then have enough battery-life to do everything we need to. I can see why people might be tempted by a six hour battery life netbook but at least our way, you can focus on exactly what you want to do and then hope you have time to finish it, whilst keeping your heart healthy! I think we should call our new high adrenalin sport Extreme Wifi and market it in time for the new year as a way to get fit after Christmas.

Extreme Wifi’s Pioneer…Chris

Yesterday Chris and I almost entirely filled the hire car with sand after we took a small kayaking trip from Correlejo to the Isla de Lobos, about three and a half kilometres both ways. The kayak did well even with the sea swell and going more or less into the wind. The sea was an amazing aqua marine colour and the island was well worth the paddle to. The way back was much quicker and involved some fun surfing along the swell closer in to shore.

Chris on the Isla de Lobos

View from the island looking back towards Fuerteventura

I shall miss the kayaking trips, as I’m sure there won’t be as many for a few months at least in England. Unless of course we decide to break through ice first.
The epic packing has begun and, fingers crossed, it looks like it might not be that bad. However, as with essays, I suspect I may start well then relax thinking that I’ve nearly finished only to leave finishing it until the last minute. It will be weird leaving I think but also exciting to start new things too.

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  1. Hi caroline
    Not sure which will be your last blog, so I’d just like to say cheerio, and thanks for all the pictures, – and the videos, – and the bolo recipe (still working on that – but my last version showed promise) Best wishes to you and Chris for a safe journey home, and a happy new year to all

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