The aftermath, an unexpected gift, gatherings and the Extreme Super Moon

Well, the sentinel lymph node was definitely removed. Apparently the discharge note was unfortunately incomplete, describing the problems but not making the resolution clear. Mistakes are obviously inevitable, but the impact is definitely exacerbated when you don’t speak the language and are being discharged on a Saturday when there are no doctors around.

That said, it does irritate me that they didn’t tell me after the operation on Friday…. never mind. So, it was a bit frustrating waiting to find out what had happened over the weekend, especially as it certainly wasn’t as easy to keep myself busy this side of the operation.

That said, changing dressings and injecting myself with a drug to prevent blood clots was quite a distraction. Changing the dressings was a pretty horrible experience the first time I did it, but it got easier – I got used to it, and the injuries got slightly better (though some of the bruising got more colourful).

The injections were a different story. Apologies to anyone who dislikes needles for the following picture, but I hate the things too and I had to stick one of these into me six days running, always doubting whether I’d actually manage to finish the job.

It was especially disturbing whenever the resistance of the skin changed as I slid it in….urgh, and what have I hit?

It took quite a few days for me to start getting at all comfortable walking around – a combination of the pain reducing and getting more confident in the stitches. None of the cuts were more than a few inches long, but having one at the top of the calf, one at the top of the thigh and one in the groin meant pretty much every movement of that leg was restricted.

In fact me hobbling around evidently presented such a picture that a Mystery Lady gave me the gift of this nifty zimmerframe-cum-shopping-trolley device while I was out (I think my first foray from the pontoon in several days).

Not sure about style points but good for helping get some exercise without screwing up too many muscles compensating for awkward movement – that ends up being half the problem after a while.

We’ve tried to work out who it could have been that gave it to me, but with no luck so far using the clues we have.. If I do know her, I’m still very grateful, even if her mystique will be slightly lessened!

Still, things improved, and I moved back onto Maid on Wednesday – not the best night’s sleep but actually the most comfortable for a while, not even requiring painkillers.

My leg is generally much better now, though it sometimes aches pretty fiercely. Movement is feeling reasonably free again, and I managed a little row yesterday as well as being able to walk about twice as far as a couple of days ago without needing breaks, or prompting unknown people, possibly strangers, to give me mobility aids.

Maid seemed to have been doing pretty well on her own, though I did add some plastic chafe protection to stop the lines mooring the front of the boat from rubbing through paint.

It’s been nice to be so close to many of my friends here in the new berth. That evening we ended up having a spontaneous gathering on the pontoon – rapidly growing from myself, Mike and Dave, to this:

and then to this

Additional entertainment was provided by an unusual variation on olives – the first two which had been sticking out for the vinegar had both Daves gasping, but the rest were very nice

and by Scabby and Tigre

Hang on. Are they all watching us again?

Rumours that Scabby was observed leaving gherkins on neighbouring boats are surely greatly exaggerated. But just in case, she’s gone to a new home at the south of the island as Mike and Caroline are going back to England shortly.

I’ve also had a very nice meal with Brian, Sue and their son Steve, and my former neighbour Simon.

Sue, Steve and Brian

Simon and I

We do have one mystery to clear up – are people outside Wales familiar with cheese and potato pie? It’s very tasty, but I can’t remember having heard of it before, though apparently it’s a ubiquitous pub food there.

Not to be outdone by Steve and Sue’s cooking, Simon made some very tasty coffees for afters.


Another thing that doesn’t require a great mobility is stargazing, and when you get chilly (I’ve found if my left leg gets cold at the moment it stops working almost completely) you can even stand looking out of the boat’s hatch, just like on night watches.

I was prompted to last night by the much-discussed Extreme Super Moon – not sure it appeared dramatically closer than usual, but certainly quite big and clear, and something to discuss with friends doing the same thing back home.

The media coverage of it is also quite entertaining, from the claims of impending doom to the dismissal of them as ‘conspiracy theories’. I’m not convinced that anyone is alleging the moon is a malevolent entity creating conspiracies..

On the subject of natural disasters, the events in Japan are pretty frightening – not sure I have much more to say on the subject from my little boat in the Canaries, except posting a link to the British Red Cross appeal site ( ), but it certainly puts my issues hobbling around the marina in a different perspective.

Off to the airport shortly to meet Jon who’s coming out to visit for a week : ) Woo-hoo!

6 Responses to “The aftermath, an unexpected gift, gatherings and the Extreme Super Moon”

  1. Glad to see that you are up and running again. Make sure you don’t over do
    it for awhile. Thinking of you from sunny St Martin. Take Care.

    • maidofmettle Says:

      Hello, lovely to hear from you and I hope you’re both enjoying ‘troppo’ St Martin.
      Not quite running yet but swimming and walking are reasonably ok now, definitely taking it easy though.

  2. Uncle John Says:

    Your grandmother Marjorie used to make cheese and potato pie occasionally. Very nice it was, too – one of my favourites.

    I expect you’ll want to take it easy for a bit before you decide where to go next.

    • maidofmettle Says:

      It seems a few people have heard of it, certainly not just the Welsh. It did taste very nice, though I suspect it would be even better grilled.

      Yes, certainly, and where next will depend very much on weather forecasts as well – I have no definite aim between here and the Azores.

  3. Hey Pete!

    Nice to see that you’re ok. Prayed alot for you, sorry that we couldn’t see eachother more. As you maybe see I got a new mailadress , just so you dont write to the old one.

    All the best to you!

  4. maidofmettle Says:

    Hello Natha,
    thanks again – as you say a shame we couldn’t meet up for longer but then it was pretty improbable to manage it at all! And thanks for the new address, I’ll write soon.
    Regards to all on Elida!

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