Not much new to report, but lots of carnival photos

Well, I didn’t get any very bad news last Thursday. From that you have probably deduced that I didn’t really get any news, other than another appointment to go back again this Thursday.


Still, at least it’s either a delay in getting the results back, which not much can be done about, or else no news is probably good news – if I am to need another operation it would be fairly urgent, so hopefully they would be ringing me up as soon as they knew. Fingers crossed…

I had a fantastic time with Jon last week, but am having issues retrieving photos from my memory card, so I’ll leave off saying much more about it till I can put some illustrations in.

That does give me a chance to catch up on the main carnival parade of a few weeks ago – I’ve been wondering when I’d sneak that in!

The weather that afternoon did not look promising…

Thankfully it had eased by the time we heard the parade coming and went up to see it, but the carnival queens must still have been pretty chilly.

The clowns were probably glad it wasn’t a hot afternoon though, and with those shoes they’d probably have been fine even if the road flooded.

These chaps would probably have been ok as well, in fact a good flood would have cushioned them nicely if they fell over.

It didn’t quite come to that though, and occasionally the rain even stopped, enabling Bethany to turn the umbrella into a sweet harvester (they were hurled down at us from most of the floats).

All the floats had a big crowd of people dancing along behind them – even the one with the rather smoky-looking (and ineffective!) afterburner.

As it got dark the floats started looking even more spectacular.

Though it did start raining again..

The parade went on for several hours, and the post-parade party was only just getting going at around midnight.

It didn’t look like the rain (probably the full month’s average) had dampened things down much, not that we stayed out that late.

Recap over, roll on Thursday, and hopefully some results this time!

In the meantime I’m gradually getting used to being on my own again, and trying to resume all the jobs I’d been neglecting after the operation, from paintwork and varnishing to making new things.

It’s been quite relaxing in some ways knowing I wouldn’t be able to leave for a while – now the time when I’ll hopefully be able to seems be be approaching quite fast, and quite ominously.

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