Good news

Thursday morning

I’m writing this bit now because while hindsight might be of some assistance when it comes to dry factual accuracy, it probably doesn’t make a post particularly interesting.

This week has felt a bit flat really – but largely a combination of going back to living on my own again and starting with getting on with work on the boat again having had several weeks off. The thought of getting results back is really just a background irritation which I suspect doesn’t help my concentration, although I’m not always sure how much can be blamed on that when it comes to some jobs.

It really doesn’t feel like I’ve got that much done.

But I do need to remind myself that as well as scraping and sanding wood I’ve done some necessary shopping (food and sandpaper), started cleaning the water tank and done some washing, and that my leg did get noticeably more painful after sanding for a while, so I don’t want to try and do everything all at once.

So, here we go again, more sitting around in the waiting room to come. I suppose I’m probably optimistic – if the melanoma had been any thinner when it was originally removed they wouldn’t have considered it necessary to check the lymph node at all.

But then the doctor didn’t think the mole was a melanoma in the first place, so I’m certainly not making any assumptions, though I’ve been getting on with stuff on the boat with the idea that I will be able to leave soon.

Thursday afternoon

Well, that went much better than last week. I got called through from the main waiting area at the time of my appointment rather than 1 1/2 hours after it like last week (sorry Jon), though I did then get left in an office on my own for 5 minutes.

And the news was good – no remaining cancer in the leg, and no signs of it in the sentinel lymph node, which is the first place it would be likely to spread to, and would have required further surgery.

So I’ll need to arrange a couple more check-ups with dermatologists over the next 6 months or longer, but that should hopefully be it – fantastic news!

I will emphasise again the importance of identifying something like this early on though, because it can spread to other internal organs very quickly if given a chance.

This is probably the best summary of symptoms to be concerned about that I’ve seen:

On a related note
, Chris and Caroline are going to be doing a charity bike ride raising money for Cancer Research UK and the British Heart Foundation.

and Chris



They’ll be cycling the full length of the Kennet and Avon canal eastwards from Bath, and then continuing along the Kennet to Reading, making a full distance of 87 miles (140 km) over one weekend.

It’ll be on the Royal Wedding weekend (I’ll pretend I know when that is) – not sure what the particular significance of that is, except that hopefully their Majesties will have booked the weather. Rain or shine, 87 miles sounds pretty impressive to me, so please consider sponsoring them.

Their website is at:

4 Responses to “Good news”

  1. Fantastic news Pete! So glad that you’re cancer-free! Stay that way my friend 🙂

  2. Hi Pete, sorry it has taken so very long to say Hello ,manic few weeks at Orpington;Dod still soldiering on in spite of unwell days.We all feel he has Angels watching over him.My Mum sends her regards and good wishes to you. Brillant news about sentinal node results.Stay well and keep the journal/blog coming.Marvelous entries and pictures.Love from all of us at Selsey…Carol,Matt,Jon and Uncle Tom Cobbly and all,Old Uncle Tom Cobley and allxxxxx

    • maidofmettle Says:

      Hello Carol, lovely to hear from you (and the rest), and good to hear that you’re all doing okay – long may the angels keep watching, and Bugaboo sends her (?) best wishes as well.
      Blog entries will certainly keep coming, hopefully with more pictures again from now on too!

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