When there’s a wind there’s a will

29 degrees 25.8 minutes North

15 degrees 9.3 minutes West

Not leaving Las Palmas was getting a bit tricky – I’d been ready for about a week and prepared to go the next morning a couple of times only to be put off by either the forecast or local conditions, or the wind just not settling down till the evening when I wanted to go to bed. I had the distinct feeling I should have been leaving the evening before last, but I was rather tired and it looked like the wind might die in the middle of the night, leading to uncomfortable helpless rolling. So I didn’t…again.

Happily, yesterday morning everything still seemed very favourable, and I’m now around 80 nautical miles north of Gran Canaria. Conditions have been excellent so far and I’m feeling very well. It’s not been quick, but steady and comfortable, bar one very light spell where we nearly got overtaken by a turtle.

Destination – somewhat unknown. My waypoints list reads:

Selvagem Grande (National Park, tiny island some way south of Madeira) 57.5 miles

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria 80m (the WRONG WAY!)

Funchal (Madeira) 213m

Santa Maria (Azores) 675m

Horta (Faial, Azores) 864m

Lajes (Flores, Azores) 992m

This passage is generally expected to be against the wind, and quite possibly with big waves, so while conditions are good I’m inclined to keep going.

2 Responses to “When there’s a wind there’s a will”

  1. Hi there!
    I owned Maid of Mettle for a year after finding her rotting in Gweek.
    If you would like some photo’s of the maid as i found her and also some of the work i did on restoring her. Just drop me a line.
    I’m very happy that you have done so well and that she is a ‘living’ boat doing what she was meant to do.
    All the best and fair winds,

    Titus Kodzoman
    (Drøbak, Norway)

    • maidofmettle Says:

      Hello Titus,
      nice to hear from you – Maid sends her regards and has certainly been enjoying herself. I’ll send you an email about the photos.

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