Where’s a dermatologist, and where am I?

The Espirito Santo entry is taking me a while to write, so I decided to skip ahead a little and share the news that I had dermatologist confirm my  apparent state of good health at present.

It’s been three months since my final visit to the hospital in Gran Canaria (though it feels a lot more!), so it was time to try and locate a dermatologist for a 3 month post-operation check-up.

Which I did, after mounting five or six shore expeditions, and one overnight sail.

Trying to find a specialist in Ponta Delgada did not go well, even though about a third of the population of the Azores live in the city. One was on holiday for a week, one was in a completely different place to the directions I’d got, another was also in a completely different place but happily a taxi driver pointed out to me that I only needed to walk for 5 minutes rather than be driven for 10 to reach that address, and another was away till January.

So I gave up on it there, and decided that I’d have another go in Angra do Heroismo on Terceira, where google suggested I’d find one. Not that I was trusting it very much now, especially not as to where to find one.

Happily that problem was solved by noticing a plaque on the wall going for a walk around the town on my first evening there, and I was able to get an appointment for a few days later.

It was a bit strange having not really been thinking about melanomas as such over the last couple of months. I’ve been being reasonably careful with the sun – trying to stay out of the sun in the middle of the day, wearing a hat, sunglasses and often long-sleeved shirts, using sun cream – but generally those are things I did anyway.

I had of course been keeping an extra watch for any signs of moles changing etc, but not with the expectation they actually would.

Going to see a doctor brought that possibility back to mind again, even as it offered the potential for reassurance that things did seem fine.

Happily, he agreed there didn’t appear to be any problems.


Did I mention Terceira? It’s going to take me quite a while for the blog to catch up with reality even if I manage a post every couple of days, so I also thought it was about time I got around to generally sharing this link.

Where is Maid of Mettle? – this keep you fairly up to date with where I actually am, so you get something of a sneak preview.

I will try and make a separate page for it at some point soon which will make it easier to get to from the blog.

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