A little competition?

Noon position 08/08 44 degrees 15 minutes north, 24 degrees 48 minutes west
Noon position 09/08 45 degrees 45 minutes north, 23 degrees 26 minutes west

Going very fast lately though it’s quite splashy outside and gets uncomfortable at times. Sometimes it feels very good, at others the continuous noise and motion can get a bit much.

If it gets too bad I can always pause and heave to for a while, but generally I prefer to be making good progress all the time I can – after all it may not last!

I have some more direct ‘competition’ as well now – it was a big surprise yesterday evening when I saw another sailing boat passing ahead of me – the first other one I’ve ever seen in open ocean! We had quite a chat over the radio and will hopefully meet up in Falmouth.

Seriously, racing of that sort isn’t really a factor (easy for me to say as Maid is slower!) compared to trying to make a quick passage avoiding any bad weather, but it will be fascinating to compare notes along the way and hopefully when we get there. Currently he seems to be taking the low road and I’m taking the high road in terms of route there – we’ll see what happens!

On that note, does anyone care to try and guess when I’ll sight land?

The prize is a bottle of Madeira, or Canarian honey rum, or the best imitation I can make of some kind of delicious Azorean pastries, to be delivered next time I see you in England or soon after at least.

If it’s close the first guess made will probably get priority, or there might be a second prize or something. The judge’s (my) decision is final!

Departure from Vila da Praia on Graciosa was 2000 GMT on the 3rd – I’m heading for the UK mainland, probably Falmouth so at a guess I’ll see The Lizard first whether it’s night or day.

A few tips if you need a hand..
The total distance is about 1200-1250 nautical miles according to the pilot book and I’m about 770 nm from the Lizard now, though my route may take me slightly further to get the best wind and current I can.
Average speed was..
about 3.3 knots from Faro to Porto Santo
about 3.3 knots from Madeira to Tenerife
1.8 knots (mostly very light winds) from Gran Canaria to Madeira
3 knots from Madeira to Santa Maria
and if you want to get serious of course there are my position reports up to now, weather forecasts….

Enter by sending a free message to my satellite phone by Sunday night – details of how in the last couple of posts.

I’ll try and post an entry list at some point..

6 Responses to “A little competition?”

  1. Aaaaaw Pete, can’t you just have a prize for the first person to spot you in the UK? πŸ™‚

  2. Le Bris Yves Says:

    Pete , hello from Yves ( pen duick 2 crew from Horta), have a good crossing back to England, forecasts on US gribs are quite good for this week ( West winds) , but maybe NE next week, if anticyclon stays on west europe, dont forget stopping in Britanny if necessary! nautical regards

    • maidofmettle Says:

      Thanks Yves, I did end up considering Brest but decided not as only had electronic charts and it was going backwards a bit.

      I imagine Pen Duick I had a great run back to Douarnanez..

  3. David (YBW - lenseman) Says:

    I was already subscribed to MoM posts and now I am subscribed twice!!

    I have as yet been unable to find your “88” Iridium number so that I can post the reply regarding your arrival time in UK in the competition. 😦

    Best regards David and have a safe passage

    • chris hibbert Says:

      Hi David,

      Sign in to the password protected page (on August 8, 2011), scroll down a few pages, with the boat’s name (hint, spelt at the top of the blog on banner, with capitalised first letters in the first and third words)

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