Getting there..

Just today and tomorrow left for getting contest entries in – I have a few but I think it’s still very open.. I won’t say much more than that yet, position updates can resume next week. Chris has added a comment on one of those entries for anyone having trouble with the password – thanks!

There seems to have been a pattern of slow-and-steady during the day and swift progress at night lately – pity it’s not been the other way around, but miles gained are miles gained. Today has been pretty good with a lot of tweaking – reef in, reef out, change course & adjust sails, change course again – satisfying when it’s working.

And I did get a very nice surprise when changing the sails very early this morning. It started with me hearing some very strange noises… This is by no means unknown but usually it’s just an odd trick of gurgling water or something. This time it was a school of very big dolphins (don’t think they were big enough to be pilot whales) all around the boat – well worth missing a bit more sleep for!

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