Nearly home, and a lot drier than yesterday

Nearly in terms of distance, anyway – over 1,000 nautical miles travelled now and I’m less than 150 from Falmouth, or the Helford.

It gets tempting to start thinking in terms of times rather than distances when it gets to this scale, but since you’re not averaging over a long period of time a spell of head-winds or calm can actually have a huge impact on how long it might take to arrive – the difference between doing 6 knots in the right direction, 2-3 knots at a big angle away from it or going nowhere at all is pretty significant.

My current position is 49 degrees 31 minutes north, 7 degrees 27 minutes west. The Scillies are actually only around 70 miles away, but I don’t plan on stopping there at the moment – still aiming eastwards for Lizard Point and hoping to turn north-north-east from there. With good wind, I could be in in a couple of days. However, the latest weather forecasts suggest even sighting land might take a while longer.

However, the weather is decidedly changeable at the moment. I’ve made excellent progress for most of the last week, including a very windy and spectacularly wet day yesterday with spray crashing all over the boat on a few occasions. A group of dolphins loved playing under the bow in it though.

Today has been much slower, but I’ve been very happy with the progress I have made since I’d been expecting the wind to turn against me by now, Of course, it may well still do that at some point in the near future. So from thinking Caroline’s guess (the earliest time) was a certain winner of the ‘land ho!’ game, I’m now starting to think it might be rather more open.. personally I have my fingers crossed for her though!

Carolyn – hehe, there might be a prize for the first people to find me…

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