Home (or thereabouts) on the Helford

I’m now anchored on the very lovely Helford River, after a brief stop at Mullion Cove on the other side of the Lizard peninsula.

Maid may well actually think of this as home, since her previous owner bought her just upriver at Gweek and then moored her just round the corner at the top of the Penryn River near Falmouth.

I don’t think she’ll actually be stopping just here, but it’s a very nice spot to spend a few days.

(nautically-minded readers will probably be appalled at the lack of an anchor ball in this picture – the omission has since been rectified..)

Plans from now on are a little uncertain. I know I have a fair few blog entries to catch up on, not to mention finding a job, somewhere to keep the boat and somewhere to live..

10 Responses to “Home (or thereabouts) on the Helford”

  1. Hmmmm …… I recognise that place! πŸ™‚

  2. PETE!!!!!!! Massive congratulations on getting to Cornwall! Sorry we’ve not been in touch. Got home and have done nothing productive or useful since, but have been having A LOT of fun! We’re in Portscatho, Planet’s in Percuil just round the corner from St Mawes. There’s a nice anchorage around neaps just a bit further up from her which is ideal. Give us a bell on 0———-9 and hopefully we’ll catch up soon. There’s a pub here with your name on it! xxx

  3. maidofmettle Says:

    Thank you!
    Good to hear – though I had some idea, I’ve seen some of the Facebook pictures… πŸ˜€
    Yeah, I’ll be in touch, see you soon πŸ™‚

    • Hi Pete! Just got your message – was about to call back but don’t have your mob number…..umm can you give us another call and let us know what it is?! Sorry! We’ve had regatta weekend here so it’s been hectic. Hope you’ve been enjoying Helford. We’re off up country to see Si’s folks on Tues but would love to see you if poss before we go, or if not when we get back in 10 days or so. Catch up soon! x C & S

      • maidofmettle Says:

        Only saw this after the fact so extra lucky I managed to get through to you on Monday, it was great to see both of you, hopefully will do again soon!

  4. Paul and Alison Says:

    Welcome home and well done. See you soon.

  5. BAE Office Says:

    Good to see your back. We have followed your progress all the way, what are we going to do now ?

    • maidofmettle Says:

      I reckon we should dispatch one of your lot somewhere foreign with something to blog from… Maybe backpacking, or driving across Africa or something?

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