The internet is very very strange. Or rather, it is used by strange people.

Getting there on Part II of the way back, but it’s going to be a little while. In the meantime, we have something completely different.

As well as providing the basic tools to make a very easy-to-write blog (well, once Caroline had set it all up anyway), WordPress provide various features that I generally don’t really use.

One of these is the option to look at what terms people who’ve found the blog via search engines like google or yahoo had typed in.

After reading them, I think that the puzzledometer Sarah made me at university needs recalibrating slightly. Something like this…


kittens. Surely that’s a bit nonspecific?

going through the mistiness and less poetic, but even more general, windy and raining, windy in cloud and frosty morning. No-one seems to have found the blog looking for nice weather.. Which is remarkable, given the prevailing climate for most of the trip.

fuerteventura girl. What, the Fuerteventura girl? Actually, I can’t remember being introduced, and I’m sure I would..


3 hits from soda machine ballast well, I guess it could work, especially with a remote control. Good for cleaning bilges too.

diving and guinness. Doesn’t sound a good idea.

don’t look down at the mud. Why not?

tenerife +the pirate and the nun 1) in which monastery does the nun ‘sleep’ today – they seem to have had something very specific in mind, but I have no idea whatsoever as to what it might be


homemade madeira wine (twice). Now that sounds like a project!

cocoa crater erupted (twice). Mmmm. Pyroclastic flow here I come!

bolo do pico (twice)- assuming Pico refers to the island in the Azores there may be more exciting posts about bread to come.

– mount teides shadow longest uninterrupted in the world – that does sound possible.


– 2 hits from mouse being eaten by terrapin. I guess that also sounds possible, but that’s not the first thing that comes to mind. Ugh.

i feel my waist is aching travelling towards my legs there’s a discharge like cheese. Um. On the off-chance typing this attracts you back again, I’d go and see a doctor, whether that’s a description of physical symptoms or random rambling.


– 1 hit from definition arjee bargie. And argee bargee. And arjee bhajee (that one sounds like it might be tasty). Well, I guess Caroline did provide a few, but I don’t think they’re the originals.. Bit confused that they kept coming back..

madeira scary. That cake can be vicious. Though I think they probably meant the steep drops alongside the levadas..

horrible hilly hundreds ?

how to handle maid quit impromptu I’ve

generally worried about me/us, not Maid. Can’t help you I’m afraid..

seasick maid. Similarly, she’s the only one that’s never suffered.

– on that note, all the variations on biodramina. I think Caroline may be the internet authority. She and Chris probably share that title for bolo do caco too.

queen christmas dinner. Maybe next year.

sailing euphemisms. Unless she hears some of those anyway.

– 1 hit from one step forward two steps back. Not something I or we tend to intentionally look for. Unlike..

– 2 hits from huge roast dinner, 1 for roast dinner, 1 for carvery, 1 for huge carvery, 1 for roast dinner, carvery, 1 for huge carvery dinner

– Carvery and roast good, pizza variable: 1 for pizza hut buffet versus 1 for nasty pizza buffet


– 2 hits from throwing tin of beans. I guess it’s a step away from the gluttony entries.

– And 1 for tin of beans cakes. Probably a bit strange, but probably less dangerous and wasteful than throwing it.

– 1 for eating tin beans. Hurrah, someone with a normal relationship with tins of beans! Although hang on, what are they hoping to find by searching for that on the internet? If you’re looking for reassurance, yes, that is a common activity.

– 4 hits from tank hone. I may need to search for ‘tank hone’ now to see if I can find what they were looking

for. Not interested enough for it to qualify as intrigued though.

how much for bread in porto santo? How much were they planning on buying?

what is mt teide’s fuel (?) ? indeed..

Some of them I understood, but still look pretty funny in the context of the blog, or just generally. How about a little quiz?

What could rouse reign mean? (click here for answer)

and why on earth could hermione granger knitting bring our blog up? (click here for answer)

back to amused again

1 search for lovely confusion. I think that says it all really. Ah, recursion..

2 Responses to “The internet is very very strange. Or rather, it is used by strange people.”

  1. Kate wells Says:

    Hilarious! Haven’t laughed so hard in ages!

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