2015 Part III

On my next trip there were strong easterlies, but unfortunately I didn’t have the time to sail west.

I did go and explore the possibility of anchoring just below Plymouth Hoe – a spot that’s marked on my chart, but where I’ve never been nor seen another boat. In a northerly it seemed like it would work quite well, though it wouldn’t exactly be a peaceful spot.

2015-10-02 #01

Today I carried on to the far side of the sound and Jennycliff Bay, perfectly sheltered from the east, and with friend already anchored there. There’s quite a view from the top of the cliffs as well…

2015-10-02 #03

Later that evening the easterly had died down so we decided to head over to Cawsand and up to the Random Arms. Unfortunately in making sure the wind dropped enough for it to be a safe anchorage we ended up waiting long enough that it dropped to nothing half way across. It was lovely at this point..

2015-10-02 #07

..but ended up being a motor boat trip.

Still, the scenery on the walk up to the pub didn’t suffer from it getting late, and the bar was as much fun as ever.

2015-10-02 #08

And Cawsand is still one of my favourite anchorages to wake up in, especially when it’s this peaceful.

2015-10-03 #01

There’s also a great selection of footpaths in the area. This morning I followed the coast path towards Cremyll..

2015-10-03 #06

before heading inland and up to the folly tower, before returning through the deer park.

2015-10-03 #14

I was grateful for my light-winds sailing practice to make it up through the Narrows..

2015-10-03 #22

…though there were some mishaps, notably carrying on slightly too close to the southern shore on one tack and getting swept rapidly seawards by a counter-eddy. The second time around I was fine on that score but ended up going sideways up the Tamar instead – time to put the engine on!

2015-10-03 #24

Having got the boat secured for the night I took advantage of the calm conditions to row the mile or so up towards Millbrook to pay a call on Nick and meet up with a chap in the boatyard there who owned a sister ship of Maid – fascinating to see another.

2015-10-03 #25

With strong winds forecast for the next few days I arranged to leave Maid on a more sheltered mooring near Mount Edgcumbe.


This proved useful for another reason the next Friday, as it meant I could dinghy ashore and walk across to the Random Arms without needing to take the boat anywhere.

This well and drinking trough are on the road up from Cremyll..

2015-10-09 #02

..and this is the very from the top of the ridge out to Gull Rock and beyond.

2015-10-09 #03

The next day was still blustery so I headed out into the Sound with two reefs in the main and just the staysail up. There are advantages – tacking is much easier when you only have one foresail to deal with.

2015-10-10 #01

The easterly made it another good day for exploring that side of the Sound – I hoped to stop in Bovisand having never been there before, but the wind seemed to be funnelling right down a valley into the anchorage.

2015-10-10 #02

So I went into Jennycliff Bay again, and this time went for a longer walk right round to Bovisand Bay by land.

2015-10-10 #05

This is the view from around half-way there, at the highest point looking down on the Bovisand Pier, and out across the breakwater (barely visible on a high spring tide) to the Rame Peninsula.

There were a few boats in the anchorage in the day, but I had it all to myself in the evening.

2015-10-10 #07

The next day I did a bit more exploring early on – first just checking out the nearby cliffs

2015-10-10 #09

and then walking inland across the peninsula to Hooe Lake

2015-10-11 #02

before joining the banks of the Plym and coming back round Mount Batten to a rather grey Jennycliff Bay.

2015-10-11 #05

Sailing back to the mooring was still nice though – perfectly sheltered flat water can go a long way in compensating for a lack of sunshine.

2015-10-11 #06

Unfortunately it was then time to start stowing things away for the winter again. I think the idea was to start the next sailing season earlier – which didn’t quite happen! But at least it has given me a chance to catch the blog up 🙂

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