Index of posts

As the blog has been known to jump around a bit in terms of timelines, here’s an index in reverse chronological order –

Cornwall (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015..)

2015 Part III

2015 Part II

2015 Part I

Summer 2014 Part III – Ships!

Summer 2014 Part II – fish!

Summer 2014 Part I – dolphins galore!

September 2013 part 2

September 2013 part 1

August 2012 part 2

August 2012 part 1

June 2012 – Tales Of Gales

May 2012 – Once More Unto the Yealm

Easter 2012 part 2 – Cawsand, Erme and Yealm

[Easter 2012] Part 1 – bunny dating

[Autumn 2011] Falmouth festivities and a new home port

Carry On 2011

Kernow a’gas Dynnergh

Sailing from the Azores to Cornwall (2011)

The Azores to England Part II

The Azores to England Part I

and the shorter (generally without pictures) entries en route for completeness..

Home (or thereabouts) on the Helford

0945: Land ho!

Nearly home, and a lot drier than yesterday

Getting there..


Adeus Açores

The Azores (2011)

Going on to Graciosa, and further on (or should I say further back?)

Faial (out of imaginative titles at the moment)

If all roads lead to Rome, all sailing routes lead to Horta

Looking back in Angra

So long Sao Miguel

The Divino Espirito Santo in Ponta Delgada

In search of the Seven Cities

Getting into hot water on São Miguel

Happy birthday to me

A long walk on a small island – seeing something of Santa Maria

Sailing from Madeira to the Azores (2011)

Madeira to the Azores part II

Madeira to the Azores part I

and the shorter (generally without pictures) entries en route for completeness..

Arrived in the Azores

Aiming for the Azores

Madeira (2011)

Have A Nikita M’Dear: the non-eponymous drinks of Madeira

Madeira part 4: Why, why, why, Ventura?

Madeira part 3: ups and downs

Madeira part 2: no eagles and no seals, but a lot of other things

Madeira part 1: getting stuff done and a few excursions

Sailing from Gran Canaria to Madeira (2011)

Reflections on the sail here and playing vinte-e-um

Gran Canaria to not Madeira to not the Azores to Madeira: part 2

Gran Canaria to Madeira part 1

and the shorter (generally without pictures) entries en route for completeness..

Maid made it to Madeira!

When there’s a wind there’s a will

Canary Islands (2011)

Dressing to kill and boat work to thrill (?)

Good news, and the gig for Gambian schools

Surfing photos and preparations part 2: water tanks

Preparations part 1, and having a go with gofio

Do dogs like helicopters?

Taryna’ birthday party, and back to Bandama

Past and future (?) visits, and catching up on photos

Good news

Not much new to report, but lots of carnival photos

The aftermath, an unexpected gift, gatherings and the Extreme Super Moon

The operation

In, out, in, out, just do the scanning and cut it out!

So much to write, but actually not even time to find the right pictures

The English Armada…about as successful as the Spanish one

Celebrating, walking and waiting

Of goats, disappointment and appointments

Don’t panic, there are a LOT of photos towards the end!

Life in Las Palmas

Happy New Year

I saw three ships come sailing in, on Christmas Eve, on Christmas Eve

Caroline’s blogging

Canary Islands (2010)

400 days to get there 400 minutes to get back

Fuerteventura Road Trips

To Fuerteventura…and some even stranger developments

A slightly worrying development

Bodyboarding Las Palmas

The BIG decision

Tenerife to Gran Canaria – family visits

Bolo do Caco Recipe and some fish

Mt Teide

To the Canaries…tweet tweet…I mean woof

Arrived in the Canaries!

Porto Santo and Madeira (2010)

Hello Catamaran?

Mozzies, Mud and Mistiness…More of Madeira

Walkies – Madeira

Let them eat…us? Madeira

Feeding time…Let them eat cake

Porto Santo

Sailing from Portugal to Porto Santo (2011)

Video Diary – Faro to Porto Santo – Part Dois

Video Diary – Faro to Porto Santo

Faro to Porto Santo

and the shorter (generally without pictures) entries en route for completeness..

Woo, Porto Santo

Land Ahoy!

The deep blue sea

Going to…Madeira?

Atlantic Spain & Portugal (2010)

On the front line

The Waiting Game

On to Faro!

Leaving the Guadiana

Rouse’s reign of terror – the aftermath

Rouse’s reign of terror – part 2

Rouse’s reign of terror

Our new crew member

Small Bucket’s Big Adventure

Castles and chickens

Heading back out

Pete’s marvellous adventures

Bill is…


So long and thanks for all the fish

Exploring more of the river

The River Guadiana

Into the Atlantic!

Gibraltar (2010) to be indexed soon

leaving…or maybe not

A very blustery day

Happy Easter

Boat time and decisions

Food Glorious Food

Monkeying around – Exploring Gibraltar

Giberdycrickets! We’re in Gibraltar!

Mediterranean Spain (2010)

The rain in Spain falls mainly on… Marbella

Wind…what’s going on?

Toilet disasters and other amusement

Cartagena, Cartageeena, ah Carta’h’ena

Continuing clinical trials – Santa Pola

Ibizian Sea Monsters

“Whoah! We’re going to eat pizza!”

“It was the [second] time that we met..Barcelona!”

Viva Espagne

French canals (2009)

Port de Bouc…we love you…

While the girl’s away the boys…

Happy New Year


Hello the Med – First sail

The damage and recovery


Only 331km to the sea

A lot of argee bargee

Oh look! Another lock!

Really? The Mountain? Looks like England to me..

On to Reims – France looks very big when you look at it

In search of “the lost facility” St Quentin

Au Cambrai

Douai? I don’t know!

Launching and leaving the UK

(also the retrospective 5 years 🙂 )

In Calais

We’ve left!


Yes, we’re still here!

East Head

In the water

The Home Straight

Boat refit to be indexed soon…well, maybe…

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